Contingency planning

React, respond, recover: business continuity planning podcast with AHDB. This will also take you through to some downloadable templates to help farmers draw up a plan themselves. Click here to be redirected.

It is important to have your business in a position that can face change. During our lives we will be confronted with aspects of change which we may have no other choice than to face head on, such as political change with Brexit or natural change such as climate change, resulting in increased periods of flooding and droughts.

Developing resilience will ensure your business is prepared for the effects of climate change so that you can progress and shift through these tough times. Prior to building resilience you may have been in a position that when faced with a natural disaster your business may have struggled to cope, seeing this change as a bridge that could not be crossed. Instead being prepared within your business for change will ensure that you can confidently face it head on.

Contingency planning ensures that farm businesses can return to normal after unforeseen circumstances with minimal damage and disruption.

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