Countryside counselling and therapy

The DPJ foundation

  • The DPJ Foundation offer farming specific counselling and support
  • They see talking therapies as an important way to deal with mental health
  • There is a helpline where you can speak to a volunteer who can then organise fully funded counselling.  Counselling is offered face to face, on the farm, online or over the telephone with a professional counsellor
  • Helpline open 24/7 0800 5874262 Text: 07860 048 799
  • Email:

The DPJ Foundation celebrates 3 years of helping Welsh farmers to Share the Load, click here to read the full press release.

  • RABI online wellbeing support and counselling for farming people 
    • Qwell for adults
    • Kooth is tailored to those aged 11-17


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