Educating students on farming

Education programms AHDB run two education programms

  1. Food – a fact of life in partnership with the British Nutritional Foundation (BNF), click here.
  2. Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP). – click here.


If you have a school visit planned, AHDB have a variety of resources they can send to you, fill out the form to access them, click here.

Farmer Time

Farmer Time is a fortnightly, ten minute Skype or FaceTime call between the farm and the classroom . Giving students the opportunity to ask questions, and see what happens on the other side of the farm gate, reinforcing curricular learning with real life examples in the UK countryside. The Farmer Time initiative encourages classroom learning, engaging children with where their food comes from, promoting health eating, and inspiring the future food production workforce. For further information click here.

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