Emergency Plan

Flood Warnings:

What to do in a flood:

It is important to understand these steps to reduce any damage that a flood could have on your property


  • Prepare a bag that has the necessary medicine and insurance documents that you may need if you had to leave your property
  • Check if your house is susceptible to flooding
  • If there is any chance that your house may flood or has a history of flooding at the property/in the local area then ensure:
    • You are aware of the local relocation routes and centres
    • Consider alternatives to carpets – particularly for the ground floor of the house
    • Prepare a household flood plan and ensure everyone living at the property is aware of the steps on the plan
    • Have the correct insurance in place
  • Check flood warnings
  • Check with the local council if there are flood plans in place for your area


  • Turn off electricity, gas and water
  • Move things to safety
  • Move family and pets to safety
  • Move car to safety if able to do so


  • Call 999 if there is a threat to life or if you find yourself in immediate danger
  • Keep yourself and your family safe
  • Follow the plan you have in place

Red Tractor Assurance have created an emergency plan that you can fill out and keep as a hard or soft copy on your farm, it can then be used as a guide in the case of an emergency. Click here.

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