Farming is Changing

FCN’s ‘Time to Plan’ initiative is all about supporting and encouraging people through change. Click here to find out more. 

RSPB – The future of farming policies in Wales, click here.

NFU – The Future of Food 2040, click here.

Rural Affairs Minister Lesley Griffiths has outlined the next steps to introduce a new system of farm support which will reward farmers who take action to respond to the climate emergency and reverse the decline of biodiversity. The scheme is set to open in January 2025. Click here to find out more.

European Innovation Partnership (EIP) Wales

EIP Wales is providing funding to 46 projects from across Wales which are trialling innovative techniques and technologies at a practical level within farming and forestry businesses. Click here to find out more.

Consultation for Welsh farmers with coal tips on their land

The Law Commission is running a consultation on a new legislation to regulate coal tip safety in Wales. The proposals would impact on Welsh farmers who have coal tips on their land. The consultation paper was published on 9 June 2021 and is available here. The consultation will close on 10 September.

WEBINAR: Welsh Government Consultation – The Agriculture in Wales White Paper

  • Farming Connect and James Owen, Welsh Government gave a presentation on the Agriculture in Wales White Paper.
  • The Agriculture in Wales White Paper sets out the plans for what may be the biggest change in agriculture policy in decades. 

Apply for advice now!

  • Farming Connect offer one-to-one confidential advice to move your business forward. This can include advice on Brexit, Covid 19 and changes to farm payments.
  • Visit Farming Connect’s website here to browse the list of approved Advisory Service consultancy firms and categories of advice available.
  • Make sure you are registered with Farming Connect and eligible – you can do this by calling your local development officer or calling the Farming Connect Service Centre on 08456 000 813.

Farming Connect on a bi-monthly basis publish the Farming Connect Technical Publication which gives a quick overview of their projects, click here to view.

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