General support and counselling

Side by Side Cymru

  • The Side by Side Cymru programme will help local Minds in four areas improve the availability and quality of peer support in the community
  • Local Minds will be supporting groups in the following areas:
  • Local minds will be offering small grants to local groups that have an element of peer support. This money can be used to hire venues, publicise groups and cover the cost of materials.
  • To find out more about Side by Side Cymru, please contact or your local Mind.
  • For further information, click here.

Relationship support

  • Relate is an organisation that provides relationship support.

Alternatives to therapy

  • Therapy is not always an option for everyone, if you wish to go down a different route whilst waiting for therapy or instead of therapy click here.

Family farms and working in an environment where you are dealing with your family at a business level is a very unique circumstance that most people don’t have when ‘going to work’. The dynamic between sibling relationships, marriage relationships and parent relationships can often present issues. Issues with the dynamic of the family business can often lead to disagreement which inevitably can affect the profitability and resiliency of the farm. Having good communication, understanding the best working relationship and having regular meetings are a great way to make the family business as produce as possible. Some tips to help with communication include: 

  • Forgive – being able to accept forgiveness with certain disagreements will allow you to move on from those places
  • Take breaks – working and often living on a family farm may cause you to become on top of each other. Take time where you can separate yourself from the family dynamic and so something by yourself. This could be taking up a hobby, practising mindfulness, going for a walk, spending time with friends outside the family unit
  • Identify your common goals – often the journey to achieving goals can be different and may cause disagreement. If you can lie out your common goals and identify what you want to achieve it will make you realise you all have the same end goal but the journey to reach that may be different for all
  • Understand and communicate your strengths – talking about what you are good at and where your strengths lie will support in the strategic plan of the farm. Focussing on where your strengths lie and what your differences are will allow you to break down certain barriers and be productive on a personal and business level
  • When meeting as a family, set ground rules – respect each others thoughts and discussion points, you don’t need to agree on everything but understand why they have that point of view. Focus on the issues that you have come to discuss and don’t get sidetracked. Don’t make anything a personal. Ensure that someone is making a note the decisions you are making so that they can be monitored when put into practice
  • Consult professionals – you may feel you need to involve a third party in your conversation or support in helping the family communication, because of the close relationships between family members and partners some issues can be difficult to resolve satisfactorily
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