Health guidance

Market health checks

Market health checks are a field developing in the farming community – currently health screening can be accessed at:

  • Lincolnshire Rural support Network (LRSN) Health checks. Available at:
    • Louth Livestock Market fortnightly on Thursdays 9:30-12:30pm.
    • Newark Livestock Market weekly on Wednesdays 9:30-1:30pm Run by donations to the charity (LRSN).
    • Spalding Auction fortnightly on Wednesdays 9:00am-1:00pm
    • Click here as dates can often change.
  • Sedgemoor Livestock Market health checks
    • Every fortnight on the second and fourth Saturday of the month (check online before as dates may change), click here.
  • Yorkshire Rural Support Network carry out market health checks, further information can be found here.
  • Yorkshire Agricultural Society, farmer health checks to run over the Winter 2020 months:
    • Ripon Farm Service Open Day Wednesday 15th January 2020.
    • Farmstar Open Day, Marr Thursday 16th January 2020.
    • Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show Wednesday 5th February 2020.

Government health and safety guide

The UK government website provides a guidance on farming health and safety in regard to both personal and public safety on the farm.

Government health and safety guide.

Further information on public safety can be found in the ‘Working Safely’ heading of personal resilience.

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