Identifying, managing and minimising stress

Stress in the agricultural world is often caused by factors that are out of personal control such as change in market prices, disease and weather. Developing strategies to manage stress can help control it before it spirals into greater issues that may start to affect personal health. It is important to accept that stress is normal, especially in a high pressure work environment. Then understanding how to identify the signs of stress, managing it, and minimising it is the first point of call that can be easily combated.

Mind – How to manage stress, click here.

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Identifying, managing and minimising stress document:
• Stress can lead to mental health problems, likewise mental health problems can cause stress therefore it is best to deal with the pressures that are causing the stress to try and minimise their effect on the body and mind.
• FarmWell has developed a downloadable resource on stress management, identifying the signs of stress, understanding how to manage stress and from it, build resilience, click here to view.
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