Coming to terms and dealing with sexuality in the farming community can often be daunting and a subject not talked about enough. This section will help with contacts and support within this community.

Being LGBTQ+ in the farming community – story of farmer Ben Lewis and his journey about being a gay farmer, click here to read.

The Gay Farmer helpline

  • The Gay farmer helpline allows you to talk to someone if you are going through a difficult time with farming – isolation, disease, market prices etc. but also dealing with these issues and being gay can often  make you feel alone and that you are the only one, however this is not the case!
  • They offer a Welsh speaker if preferred – this can just be asked when you ring the helpline
  • Phone: 07837931894
  • Email:

Umbrella Cymru

  • Umbrella Cymru is a gender and sexual diversity support specialist in Wales.

LGBTQ bereavement support

  • If you have lost someone as a result of suicide and was lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning then support can be accessed through the Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide website here.
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