Managing Change

Throughout the month of October we will be focussing on the topic of ‘Managing Change’. Planning for the future can be a daunting process, especially in farming where we are experiencing so much change.

Addressing how you will personally deal with challenges that arise from change in the farming community will help overcome these changes and use them instead to progress. It is important to learn from change, there is no use holding on to past negative experiences, but instead to see them as learning experiences that enable you to move on from. 

We will be posting regularly from the FarmWell Twitter and Facebook pages.

Syngenta InContact podcast September 2020

  • Have a listen to September’s InContact podcast featuring content on planning:

Doug Avery, The Resilient Farmer

Doug Avery, The Resilient Farmer (Resilient Farmer). FCN teamed up with Doug last year for the popular ‘Shift Happens’ Tour – which also coincided with the launch of FarmWell.

On the topic of change, Doug said:

  • “Change is really a constant. That’s because everything around us is always changing. We tend to hug the past because it is very know-able. However, tomorrow will be different from the past so we constantly need to be readdressing it tomorrow.
  • “To help folk engage in this we need to grow individual ability around belief systems.’ I believe I can’ kind of stuff. To do this people need to develop the strength gained from close and trusted mentors. Small adventures of change regularly taken, enable inoculation to the process. Those who fight change the most almost always struggle the most when finally, it’s forced on them.
  • “Finding one’s own ‘WHY’ – your sense of who you are and why you are here is huge. That’s a base. Then seeing where you want to be in the future. The future creates the present. When you can see where you want to be at some future date, your mind focus can go on how to get there. That also enables you to see clearly who you need to journey with.
  • “Measuring is also very important: “Where am I now?”, “Can I measure that?” Then you can measure progress and determine value or loss.”
  • Find out more from Doug here.

Tips on planning for change

When faced with a big project, heavy workload or period of change, things can seem daunting. But there are techniques we can use to navigate through these periods and manage our stress levels. As part of FCN’s Time to Plan initiative, we are asking people to tell us how they approach change and planning. Click here to see a few tips from FCN’s staff team.


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