Farming Connect has established a new mentoring scheme for farmers who will be able to receive guidance and advice from their peers on a wide range of topics.

If eligible you can access 15 hours of fully funded mentoring services with your chosen farming or forestry mentor.

The Farming Connect Mentors come from all corners of Wales. You could either select a mentor who is local to your region or go further afield and choose someone from a different area.

Farming Connect Mentors have ‘been there, done that’ and can develop relationships based on mutual trust and respect. They will be able to share their knowledge, experience, and impartial views to help you identify your goals and fulfil your potential. It’s an opportunity to develop communication skills, to listen, learn and expand your viewpoints which in turn may help you find new ways to approach new situations and deal with challenges.

  • To find out more about each mentor’s background, skills and expertise browse through the detailed ‘mentor directory’ which can be found at
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