Connecting farming groups

It is important to stay connected within the farming community through personal relationships within the family as well as through rural networks.

Farming cooperatives

  • A cooperative is a business controlled and owned by members who share the profits equally, all working towards a common goal. There are over 400 farming Cooperatives in the UK with around half of UK farmers being involved in these businesses.
  • Cooperatives UK have created a downloadable resource on agricultural cooperatives listing the 25 largest farming cooperatives in the UK: Report on the co-operative agriculture sector 2016, click here to view. Download below.

Innovative Farmers

  • Find a group of innovative farmers near you and join their network: Find a group.

Farming Connect

  • Farming Connect is a programme aimed at transforming the business prospects of thousands of farmers and foresters in Wales.
  • The Farming Connect live tweet feed can be seen to to the right of this page:
  • Agrisgôp – Agrisgôp is a programme registered under Farming Connect for farm and forestry businesses in Wales: Agrisgop


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