Strategy and planning

Welsh Government Spring Update 2022 Click here

Strategy and planning is an important part of farm business development. Strategic planning can advance the business within the competitive market.

Business planning

  • Farming Connect offers 1-2-1 advice and support on Business Planning and Benchmarking your business Click here to view.
  • Farming Connect has provided a guide and business plan template through their online site which can be used to plan ahead from your business from its current state, providing a realistic view for the future Click here.
  • Farming Connect Strategic Business plan guide Click here to view (Download below)

Farming Connect Training Courses

Farming Connect training courses will allow you to access one-to-one help and support at any stage you might need it. Some are fully funded, with others funded by up to 80%. Click here to find out more.

On-Farm Advice

  • On-farm advice allows you to receive independent, confidential and bespoke advice that will help you improve the economic and environmental performance of your farm business.
  • For further information on-farm advice, head over to the Farming Connect advice page here. Alternatively for on-farm advice contacts, select an adviser here.

The new Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) will encourage less-intensive land management practices. Details of the scheme, commencing in 2025, can be found here

Farm administrators

  • Farm administrators: IAgSA The Institute of Agricultural Secretaries and Administration Limited Click here

Business Goals and Strategic planning

The John Nix Pocketbook aids in farm management and help in business for UK based agricultural business and all those working within the industry: The John Nix Pocketbook


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