Time to Plan

Join FCN in Preparing for Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

The farming industry has demonstrated its resilience through the challenges of the past. We are stronger together and the sense of community is very evident in farming.

Once again, we are entering a time of change and restructuring. Many will see opportunity. For others, it may bring anxiety and stress.

FCN’s ‘Time to Plan’ initiative is all about supporting and encouraging people through change. Over the year ahead we will be working with our industry partners to:

  • Connect you with the most relevant sources of information to help you make the best decisions
  • Provide tips and insights on developing personal and business resilience
  • Help you to plot a successful course for the future of your farm business
  • Support you in planning for succession and retirement
  • Assist you to look after your own wellbeing and that of your family and staff
  • Provide information around working safely and productively
  • Link you to help and support if needed

Time to Plan will develop over the next few months – whether you view the future with excitement or concern, join us and others to face what lies ahead with greater confidence. It’s free and confidential.

October – Managing Change

Throughout the month of October the campaign will be focussing on the topic of ‘Managing Change’. Planning for the future can be a daunting process, especially in farming where we are experiencing so much change. Click here to visit our page on Managing Change.

November – Planning for the Unexpected

As part of our Time to Plan project, throughout the month of November we will be focussing on the topic of ‘Planning for the Unexpected’. Click here to visit our page on Planning for the Unexpected.

December – Diversification and Finance

As part of our Time to Plan project, throughout the month of December we have been focussing on the theme of ‘Diversification and Finance’. Click here to view December’s month of ‘Diversification and Finance’.

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