Tuberculosis (TB)

Bovine TB

Interactive TB Risk map of Great Britain

Bovine TB Helpline Details
  • DEFRA have created an interactive map to advise farmers and landowners on cases of TB in cattle and dates of outbreaks in your local area, all you need is the postcode of the area: Mapping Bovine TB


ibTB is an interactive tool mapping bovine tuberculosis (bTB) outbreaks in England and Wales over the previous 10 years and can be found here

What is TB and how is it spread?

How to protect your herd from TB

TB biosecurity 5 point plan

Dealing with TB in your herd – Wales TB testing

Actions once TB is suspected or confirmed in your herd

  • An animal which is an Inconclusive Reactor (IR) must be isolated from the rest of the herd until they have been re-tested Find out more here
  • Once TB-infected cattle have been found, milk and movement restrictions come into force.
  • The TB Hub provides a wealth of information on TB. For the steps that should be taken once TB is suspected or confirmed in your herd Click here.

TB On-Farm Advice

The TB Advisory Service offers one-to-one farm advice visits, recommending ways to prevent TB spread onto the farm who are clear of TB, whilst discussing ways to prevent reinfection. Visit the TB Advisory Service homepage here to find out more. A telephone advice service is also available.

Welsh government to form bovine TB technical advisory group – Click here

TB Support organisations

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